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KTP Laser

The KTP laser is a solid state laser utilising 532 nm wave length of laser energy.  This green light laser is delivered through a .2 mm glass fibre.

This glass fibre can be placed through a flexible video bronchoscope that is passed through the nose down to the larynx for treatment.

In some patients the laser fibre can be passed through a curved thin metal cannula and placed through the oral cavity down to the larynx under direct vision with a camera.

In either setting the KTP laser is used to treat specific lesions, which include papilloma, keratosis, dysplasia, granulation, vascular lesions, granulomas and certain forms of scar.  The laser has a unique ability in that its energy is selectively taken up blood in the lesion and not the surrounding healthy tissue of the vocal folds.  This allows for maximal removal of the abnormal tissue and the maximal preservation of the surrounding normal tissue.